Pest Control

The pest control process:

In Virginia, the best way to effectively get rid of the unwanted little guests in your property is through pest control. In this process, the P.O. (pest control operator) would inspect every corner of your house or business to know where the vermin are lurking and accurately diagnose the severity of the infestation. After the evaluation, the P.O. would eliminate all traces of the pests using green products.

Pest Control

Pests At Home

While the treatment would render the environment pest-free in many cases, there are instances when you need more than one service. This entirely depends on the type of pest, how fast they reproduce, how long they have been breeding in your property, and how much access the P.O. has to the infected areas.

Two services are usually necessary: first, to kill the adults, and the other one, to treat the eggs that hatch. No Virginia Beach pest control treatment is effective during the egg stage. Insert Growth Regulators (IORs) are used along with standard products to disrupt and impede the growth cycle of insects. This prevents them from reaching the reproductive stage and keeps their population from increasing, hence, they become easier to control.

Occasional InvaderSome pests are called “occasional invaders,” meaning they only enter your property due to seasonal changes. Environmental cues, like unbearable temperature, encourage them to take shelter in your house or business, as your place provides warmth and sources of food. In this case, a quarterly Virginia pest control service is the apt solution.

It’s always best to keep a clear line of communication between you and the P.O. to properly treat the infestation. All pieces of information you share—where and when you found the pests, for example—are valuable to help the P.O. get a clear picture of the problem.

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