Termite Control

Termite Control

About Termites

Termites thrive in clusters and reach the hundreds and millions. A termite colony employs self-organized and decentralized systems of activity in using their surroundings to get and detect sources of food. They work side by side with other termites to obtain food that may be difficult to get when working alone. Semi-mature youngs (nymphs), workers, soldiers, and reproductive individuals of both sexes, along with egg-laying queens at times, make up a typical colony.

Of the estimated 4,000 termite species, about 10 percent could cause glaring damage to structures as well as crops and plantation forests. As major detritivores—the organisms that feed on dead organic materials—termites are somehow of significant ecological importance. They are essential in recycling plant matter, particularly in the tropical and subtropical regions.

U. S. Termite Control Services

Termidor Pest Control San Diego
At U.S. Termite, we have more than 81 years of collective background in delivering exceptional termite control in Chesapeake, Virginia. Of all our high quality products, we recommend using Termidor® liquid termiticide because of its impressive set of qualities. Apart from being highly efficient, it provides long-term control and has a remarkable 0% failure rate, compared to other liquids. Our re-treatment failure rate up to this day in terms of locating and controlling infestations is virtually non-existent.

One of our effective and proven solutions in termite control is the Advanced Termite Baiting System with Termidor®. This enables us to get rid of termites in sensitive situations, especially when we can’t use Termidor® liquid due to restrictions by location and home construction complications.

Through our combined experiences and expertise, we provide unmatched termite control solutions and products, alongside our Class A construction and repair division. Whether mild or severe termite infestation, you can rely on our expertise to eliminate the pests and restore your property.

With U.S. Termite brand of service and superior termite control solutions, you can make sure to keep your house or business buildings pest-free throughout the year.