Allied Video Services Calls On Bugs, Parading Ants and a Talking Mouse in latest project

AVSTransparent-copy-300x130In March Allied Video Services rolled out a large new video campaign for US Termite and Moisture Control in Chesapeake VA. The campaign features a variety of themes including parading ants, a talking mouse and a disgruntled bug. Through creative animation, elaborate graphics and voiceovers, Allied Video Services created videos representing US Termite and Moisture Control’s Pest Control Division, Moisture Control Divison, Termite Control Division and Construction Division. The videos will be featured along with others in a online campaign across the internet.

Allied Video is a local video production company that specializes in Internet Marketing and SEO. Allied Video is located in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake and has been serving Hampton Roads for over 28 years. This campaign introduces a new wave of online outreach by US termite and Moisture Control to better serve their clients. The campaign coincides with the introduction of a new website.

Allied Video Services has worked with many area companies with innovative website designs and viral SEO campaign. They can be reached at .

These videos are just the first part in a comphrehensive online campaign.

Many of the campaign spots can be see at in the media section. Here is a sample.

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