With the interest rates still down, many homeowners will consider refinancing their homes or buying a new home. In either case, it will be required that a termite and moisture report be completed on the structure prior to closing.

The wood destroying insect report, known as the NPCA-1FORM, and the Moisture Report are inspections made by a termite company to disclose any visible signs of wood destroying insects, such as termites or wood boring beetles and excessive moisture conditions that may be dangerous to the understructure of the house. The termite inspector must also report any damage present from insects or moisture and make a note to have the damage evaluated by a qualified licensed contractor.

The Virginia State Pest Management Association offers a course designed to provide additional training to licensed pest control operators in inspecting homes and preparing the NPCA-1 form. Each inspector has to show proficiency by passing a written test in order to receive certification. Although this certification is not required, the additional training is very valuable in preparing the necessary forms for closing. All of the inspectors at US Termite and Moisture Control are recognized by the Virginia Pest Management Association (VPMA) as certified wood destroying insect inspectors as well as certified Master Technicians.

As a home buyer or seller, make sure you read and understand the results of the report. It is not uncommon to have more than one company inspect the property to compare the findings and costs for possible repairs and/or treatments. Ask if the inspector is a certified wood destroying insect inspector and do not hesitate to speak directly to the inspector about the findings. Verify that the company and inspector are properly licensed and insured. US Termite also holds a state Class A building license and is qualified to make repairs to insect and moisture damage. If you are looking to buy, sell or refinance, contact the professionals at US Termite and Moisture Control.