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Meet The Owner Mike Pelletier

Meet The Owner – Mike Pelletier

Who is Mike Pelletier? Is he the helpful and courteous President of Cape Construction who sat down with you to help design and build your dream home? Is he the President of U.S. Termite and Moisture Control who sends those highly qualified technicians out to insure your home is pest free year round?

Perhaps Mike Pelletier is the guy you turn to for a number of remodeling or handyman services around your home that you just don’t have time for yourself. Or maybe you remember Mike Pelletier  for his earlier time as a Sheriff’s Deputy in Chesapeake. Was he the youthful accomplished musician at Great Bridge High School who had the honor being the drum major for the Marching Wildcats?

Mike PelletierIn reality, Mike is each of these people, and many more. He is a successful businessman, a caring husband and father, an avid and accomplished water skier, a humanitarian, and a man who cares greatly about his community.

“Unfortunately, many of my valued customers only know one of the many hats I wear,” Mike explains. “There is so much more we can do for the homeowner that saves them time, money and aggravation. In short, there is very little in the way of a homeowner’s needs that we can’t offer. And when you call us, it’s all conveniently under one roof.”

For nearly 30 years, Cape Construction has been serving the Hampton Roads area with custom built homes of all sizes and in all areas. “We’re really proud of the quality we offer at Cape Construction,” Mike says sincerely, “There are two major components to our success. We use only the best of materials and more importantly, we have the finest craftsmen in the industry. Many of these skilled individuals have been with me for more than 20 years. I can’t say enough about the integrity they bring to their work. It’s a pride that you don’t see very often these days. My employees mean a great deal to me.”

Cape Construction fills the bill for any homeowner’s construction needs including new home construction, remodeling and room additions, kitchens and baths, deck and porches, and any type of home repairs or handyman services.

“We really do it all, ” Mike Pelletier promises. “We are an insured Class A contractor and stand squarely behind all of our work. We treat each customer respectfully and individually. The customer’s total satisfaction is always our goal. We’ve been doing it that way for nearly three decades.”

Building a dream home and maintaining its upkeep is only the beginning of Mike’s service to Hampton Roads homeowners. Once a home is built, there are always those pesky and dangerous little creatures waiting to attack — in the walls, in the kitchen, under the house, and even in the bedroom or child’s room.

For that challenge, Mike puts on his hat as President of U.S. Termite and Moisture Control. Again, Mike Pelletier reminds his customers, old and new, of the many additional services he offers in addition to comprehensive pest control.

“Our yearly treatments and inspections pretty much insure a homeowner against infestation or termite damage. We have one of the best termite protection plans in the industry,” he points out. “And we go well beyond fighting infestation. A major concern for many homeowners in this area is excessive moisture damage. It can literally destroy the basic structure of your home. Not only do we offer free inspections, but we can provide the latest techniques to deal with moisture damage repairs. For preventative measures, we can efficiently install a state of the art de-humidification system.”

Mike continues, “Unfortunately, what seems like an epidemic of bed bug infestation is striking the area. We are definitely the go-to guys to get rid of this troublesome problem. Another unique service we offer that deals with most of the problems I’ve mentioned is a thorough and professional crawl space clean out. This is an effective preventative measure and at the same time may uncover a previously hidden problem.”

Denine Kauffman is a Virginia Beach homemaker and one of Mike’s longtime customers.

“I’ve been using Mike for well over a decade,” she says, “He’s added two room additions and has remodeled practically the entire first floor of my home. When I first contacted Mike, I had gotten other estimates. Mike’s prices are definitely competitive and I simply don’t even call anyone else now. He has certainly earned my trust.”

“We use him for all of our homeowner’s needs. He has the extermination contract on our home and we have always been satisfied with his workers. They are so professional and have always left the place spotless when they finished. All the work was finished when Mike promised and he has even given us some really good advice that saved us time and money. We trust Mike so much that he worked on our home while we were away on vacation. Mike’s a great guy and his services are the best.”

Mike Pelletier and his wife of 27 years, Sue, are the proud parents of three sons: David, 22 who is following in his Dad’s footsteps in the family business; Zach, 20, who is currently a Criminal Justice major at Old Dominion University, and Jacob, 17, who is currently in his third year of high school.

Mike Pelletier“My wife Sue is an amazing woman,” Mike beams. “She has a Master’s degree in Education and has home schooled all three of our sons. Quite an accomplishment. I’m a very lucky man.”

Mike is an accomplished water skier and can usually be found at Beaver Lake Ski Club in his free time. “I’m a judge in competition water skiing,” he explains enthusiastically, “It’s a wonderful year round sport and a great family activity.” Mike is also a high ranking member of the Great Bridge Masonic Lodge and is scheduled to become Master of the Lodge in 2014.

The Pelletiers have used their love of the water for the benefit of the community.

“We sponsor a number of fund raisers for a great organization called Families of SMA, which stands for Spinal Muscular Atrophy,” Mike shares. “SMA is a cruel and debilitating children’s disease and enormous amounts of money are needed for effective research. So far, our efforts have raised over $400,000 through the sport of water skiing but much more is needed.”

Mike Pelletier and his companies are all family owned and locally operated.

“I want people to get to know me,” Mike urges. “I think they will soon come to consider me their home’s best friend. They will be surprised and delighted at the many professional services we offer.