So we can serve you better with pest control services in chesapeake

U.S. Termite & Moisture Control has taken steps to avoid it’s current and future customers rate hikes in their services from the continued increase in fuel costs! Many companies are passing these expenses along to their customers in price increases, fuel increase surcharges and the like.

Our new fleet of vehicles

U.S. Termite and Moisture Control has also been the victim of these charges and increases. In case “you” the buying public hasn’t noticed, some of these increases are not in proportion to what some companies have raised their prices too!

We at U.S. Termite & Moisture Control have! What we at UST have decided not to increase our prices, but to down size some of our fleet veh icles to decrease our costs, so we do not have to pass them along to you! Our aim and goal is to not have to treat our customers as victims of the economy as others have, just figuring they have no options. We think we can sacrifice a little room and comfort to continue to treat our customers as the great people you are! “When you call us and have us come out, now we will likely take up less room.”

Enjoy the savings!