Foundation vents provide added warmth.

Living in the Tidewater area means a constant change in weather. We have seen temperatures over the past couple of months range from the 70’s to the low 30’s.
It is standard practice to close the foundation vents of the house when the winter months arrive to protect plumbing under the house, as well as limiting the cold air filtering into the house from the floors. On the other hand, allowing the crawl space to ventilate whenever the temperatures are high enough is an ideal situation, but not very practical. Standard foundation vents require manual opening and closing, which means once shut for the winter, they stay shut until spring. I recommend temperature regulated foundation vents.

These vents are ideal for this area due to the range of temperatures throughout the year. The vents will automatically open and close with the temperature. The auto vents begin to open when outside air reaches 41 degrees. This special vent allows needed airflow to the crawl space during ideal times in the winter months. This affordable tool to home maintenance can be provided by US Termite and Moisture Control. Call today for more information on the temperature regulated foundation vents.