Moisture Damage A Big Problem Here In Hampton Roads

Moisture damage has been a constant problem for many families. While living standards today have drastically improved, there are still instances when too much moisture, or lack of it, can compromise the condition of even the most modern of homes. Be sure to understand how to control the level of moisture in your home and prevent further structural damages.

Moisture Damage

Moisture Sources

There are many ways for moisture level to increase. From faulty air conditioning systems to pipe leaks, it may seem overwhelming at first to check on all possible areas. The key, however, is to anticipate possible weather changes. Sudden drop or rise in temperature is the driving force behind insufficient or excessive moisture. When you prepare beforehand, you will have better chances of minimizing water damage.

Mold Exposure

Apart from the damages that extreme levels of moisture bring to your home, you may become exposed to the dangers of mold growth as well. Some common illnesses that mold bring include respiratory problems like tightness of the chest, skin irritation, nasal congestion, and eye irritation, among others. If you exhibit these symptoms without other direct causes, you might be suffering from mold exposure already. Look out for signs of mold growth like damp walls or moldy smell; contact our moisture control experts immediately.

Start from the Top

You can keep the humidity level in your home at a controllable level by making sure your roofing system is in good condition. Check if the drains are still unobstructed as well, as debris might block rainwater and let it sit in the pipes for days. It is also best to replace the flashings and caulking to limit condensation build-up.

At US Termite and Moisture Control, we know just what to do in controlling the level of moisture in your home. We deliver the most appropriate moisture control solutions to keep your precious home in its tip-top condition. Feel free to get in touch with us now to learn more about first-class services.

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