Determining if you have bed bug problems in Hampton Roads

Bed bug problems in Hampton Roads are not uncommon. Do you suspect your Hampton Roads home to have bed bug problems? If so, searching for reliable bed bug exterminator in Hampton Roads or pest control in Chesapeake is something you should definitely do. However, exterminating pests and bed bugs is a quite huge task. Therefore, finding out if your home has pests and or bed bugs problems should be your first step.

Detecting Bed Bugs in Your Hampton Roads Home

Why is it so important to determine whether you have bed bugs at home or not? And why do you need to deal with it by hiring reliable exterminator or trusted Hampton Roads pest control provider. You might be thinking, wouldn’t it be just fine to leave them be and hope that you won’t encounter them again? Your quick and firm action against bed bugs is a must since these tiny creatures are a powerful force to reckon with! They are blood suckers without mercy and will cause not just ugly skin irritations, but also unpleasant symptoms once you get bitten.

Bed bugs are quite the subtle bugs, too. Among people bitten by the tiny pests, only about 80 percent have an instant reaction. You might think that that’s a huge percentage already, but what you don’t know is that the remaining 20 percent become food for these blood suckers! They could be running around all day for several years without knowing they have become hosts to a bunch of parasites!

Bed Bug Problems In Hampton RoadsHow Bed Bugs Feed

Bed bugs, unlike other insects, do not actually bite or chew on your skin. They are blood suckers, so they have two parts in their mouths. One part penetrates the skin while the other part injects an anesthetic and blood thinner.

Looking for Bed Bug Problems In Hampton RoadsThese things help the bed bug “bite” or feed on you without you feeling it. Once you get bitten, you may suffer some allergic reactions to the anesthetic.These bites appear only after two weeks, so some people dismiss them as rashes from some form of other irritant maybe like detergent or a new lotion they used. They could also attribute the allergies to some food or product they used but never really thinking about bed bugs. So next time you experience a peculiar skin irritation, do not rule out bed bugs in the list of possible culprits.Next, if you have been experiencing lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep for a prolonged period, you may start suspecting bed bugs in your bedroom. These creatures feed at night, while you are sleeping, and may very well disrupt your nightly regular sleep. Check your sleeping area if you have been feeling heavy, slow, tired, and lethargic. You might have bed bugs under your mattress!

Bed Bug Problems In Hampton Roads – Professional Solution

Finally, in order to make sure that your bed is bed bugs-free, remember that you should always have a thorough inspection for it. You may also know you have an infestation when you see tiny, black specs or black dust-like spots or black dashes on the mattress. These spots and dashes are the excrements of the bed bugs! It is best to get the situation handled professionally.

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