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Sudden Invaders

Sudden Invaders

Sudden invaders is a term used to describe pests that enter houses and business establishments due to the changes in season. Some creatures get into your property on purpose, while others wind up inside by chance. There is a long list of insects that you may occasionally find around your building at some point, but the most common are beetles, crickets, centipedes, earwigs, silverfish, and mites.

Do They Live in Your Property?

They naturally thrive outdoors, but seasonal changes encourage them to seek more favorable living conditions. The rise and drop in temperature during spring and autumn usually signals them to get moving.

How the Invasion Started

Every opening around the property is an entry point for these small insects. From the tiniest cracks to open doors, they can find a way to get into pest-supportive environments—such as foundation base, attics, patios, or garbage areas—either by crawling or flying. Sudden invaders would set foot in your property whenever they get a chance, be it daytime or nighttime.

Should You Get Rid of Them?

Just because they don’t generally feed and breed in your house or establishment doesn’t mean you should let them in. They are nothing but annoying; they bite and pinch, do damage to fabrics, eat household plants, leave stains, and produce unpleasant odors.

How to Kick Them Out

Sudden Invaders - Big Spider

Patching up the cracks and crevices around the building is the best way to keep them away. Closing the windows and installing door sweeps are also simple things to significantly decrease their chances to enter your space.

A thorough inspection is the key. Check every corner of the house to spot a potential entry point or signs of sudden invaders inside the property. Wiping them off or sucking them up with a vacuum are effective ways to get rid of their presence.

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