Where do bugs go in the winter you ask? Inside with you! With the colder weather and shorter days, pests will migrate into our homes seeking the things they need to survive which are “food, water, and shelter.” When looking at one of our most common household pests, ants usually move into the most sheltered parts of their nest going more than two feet underground and becoming less active during the winter months. However some ants move their whole colony inside our homes, setting up camp for the winter and continuing normal activities including breeding. Our homes create the warm environment and also lend opportunities for a food source.
Among the most common ants that will move into one’s house are the Odorous House Ants,” “Pharaoh Ants,” and some species of the “Acrobat Ants” and “Carpenter Ants.” This means you may still need ant control in the coldest part of winter. Often we will find homeowners suspending their pest management programs in the winter thinking it is not necessary. They are then caught off guard when they find hundreds of ants on the counters and floors of the house.
Keeping one’s house free of pests should never be without professional, routine help. I believe that monthly and sometimes bi-monthly programs should be implemented all year. Depending on where you live and the surroundings, keeping a professional pest management program active will help avoid the un-invited guest.
Contact your total home care professionals at US Termite & Moisture Control to implement a pest management program now. Starting a program during the winter will help protect you and your family now as well as providing protection when the spring arrives.