Pest control issues involving yellow jackets

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets present a serious situation when around your home.  As the days get shorter and the weather cools down in early fall. the queens of many species of yellow jackets stop laying eggs. New queens emerge, mate and find protected sites. under bark or deep in the leaf litter, to stay in a quiet “diapause” over the winter. The old queens die,and each colony stops functioning as a unit.The remaining living yellow jacket workers stop foraging for the colony and go out more often, completely on their own, although many may return to the same old colony nest every evening. They are strongly attracted to sweets or syrups. such as that left in the bottoms of soda cans. These and other sweet things in and around garbage cans or bags can draw dozens or even hundreds of such pest wasps. Since they no longer have a colony to provide for, these yellow jacket workers tend to “hang around” any so s of sweets they find for most of the day.Some become more aggressive than they were before.They may even try to “protect” their new food sources, just like they used to protect their colony’s nest. That can lead to people being stung. Pest control measures should be taken before this happens.

The first step in solving this problem is to clean up all spilled sweets or any decaying organic materials thoroughly, placing all soda cans and anything similar in tightly-closed heavy plastic bags. Wash and rinse all solid surfaces and food or drink serving utensils frequently. Keep all sweet foods. drinks and fruits covered until they are about to be eaten. You need help from a professional pest control and management company like ours. We can survey the situation. provide immediate knock-down treatments if needed. advise on any sanitation or exclusion improvements that might help. and treat garbage areas and containers with a stronger. more persistent formulation of a properly labeled residual pesticide than you can purchase or use as a homeowner. We also have the professional expertise and specialized equipment needed to correct such problems quickly and efficiently. Pest control of stinging insects. especially large numbers or nests of them, should be left to properly certified and equipped professionals. Our pest control technicians have all the necessary training, experience, tools, and if needed. the chemicals to eliminate these pests.

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