With the recent rains and warmer days, many homeowners may witness unwanted insects in and around the home. Now is the time to begin a professional pest management program to aid in the control of all the many unwanted pests that invade our homes. The key to a successful pest management program is communication between the homeowner and the Pest Control Technician. Information received from the homeowner is often used by the technician to establish the direction for control. It is most important before beginning treatments, insects are properly identified. It is helpful when the homeowner collects a few pests and places them in a clear bag for the technician to identify. This saves time and enables the technician to begin effective treatments promptly. The technician may also elect to place pest monitors, which are small glue boards that collect pests throughout the house. This will also aid in identifying insects. A pest management program is not limited to putting pest products around the house, but also requires maintenance schedules by the homeowner.

Since insects require food, water, and shelter be cautious not to create invitations for entry. Keep doors properly sealed with weather stripping and maintain sturdy, well sealed screens for the windows. Keep landscaping trimmed back from the house. Clean trash cans regularly and store these away from the house. Store foods in sealed containers and don’t leave pet foods out for long periods of time. These are a few ways to minimize pest invasion however, product application for prevention as well as eradication is often necessary.

Some pest management products work on contact and some have to be ingested. Baiting has become a resourceful tool in various forms of pest management where the insect feeds on the gel form of product. Contact us to have your house protected against the many unwanted pests that come with the spring weather. We can provide effective programs to meet all your pest management needs.