When researching for Pest Control Chesapeake for termites, you may be astonished to realize just how much damage termites can really do. But you have to bear in mind that while a single termite might be only eight millimeters (a third of an inch) long, a colony or nest can contain between several hundred to several million termites. An infestation can lead to major problems if not discovered in time.

Termite Damage is not noticeable at first glance

Termite damage is a common issue with regards to Pest Control Chesapeake. The colonies of termites can expand quickly even though its unnoticeable. Most of this number of termites will be workers and their duty is to go out and get sufficient food for all the residents of the colony. In general, they look for cellulose material, but in practice that could be your house, especially if it is made primarily of wood. Not that they will not gnaw their way through other materials too. Plastic, soft metals like lead, and even concrete are no actual barrier to thousands of determined termites. But they would rather feed on wood.

Pest Control Chesapeake - Termites


Some species prefer dry timber and others would rather have damp or rotting timber. However, do not think that you will necessarily see termite damage at a glance. Often termites will eat their way into the end grain of a piece of wood and then work their way up through the center of it. This section of the timber is the newest growth and, I imagine, the most succulent to a termite. Anyway, they will gnaw into the center of, say, a floor joist, and make a walk-way or gallery through it to the next piece of timber. So you might not realize that you have termites until they have so undermined your floor that you fall into the cellar one day.

Why You Should have your house inspected

This is why, if you live in the Hampton Roads area where termites are known to be active, you should have your house inspected or sprayed at least once a year. Just because you have not observed a termite or any termite damage, does not mean that you have not got termites. Not by a long shot. Pest Control Chesapeake area is a necessity. If not discovered in time, your home could be beyond repair.

The Three Major Types of Termites

There are three major types of termite: the damp wood termite, the dry wood termite and the subterranean termite. As you can see, no matter what state the timber in your house is in, there is a termite that will eat it.

By far the nastiest of these is the subterranean termite.  Subterranean termites, living underground, are evidently much harder to see. Not only that, they are either very smart or very introverted, because they construct walk-ways or tubes of earth from the exits from their underground colonies to the nearest bit of timber. This helps them go unobserved, unless you know what you are looking for, and then, when they have reached timber, they will burrow into the end grain, and they are off, eating their way into the very fabric of your house. Within months all the timber support beams, rafters and joists could be hollow shells of timber. One serious gust of wind or a heavy snowfall, and that might be the straw that broke the camels back. For Termite or Pest Control Chesapeake, Contact U.S Termite Moisture & Control Services Today!

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