Termite Control Treatments

Termite Control Treatments

Termite Control Treatments start with knowing the enemy. Termites are a group of eusocial insects that, until recently, were classified at the taxonomic rank of order Isoptera, but are now accepted as the epifamily Termitoidae, of the cockroach order Blattodea. While termites are commonly known, especially in Australia, as “white ants,” they are only distantly related to the ants.

As eusocial insects, termites live in colonies that, at maturity, number from several hundred to several million individuals. Colonies use decentralised, self-organised systems of activity guided by swarm intelligence which exploit food sources and environments unavailable to any single insect acting alone. A typical colony contains nymphs (semi-mature young), workers, soldiers, and reproductive individuals of both sexes, sometimes containing several egg-laying queens.

Currently there are three types of termite control treatments available for use by the professional: soil treatments, wood treatments and baits.

Soil treatments are liquid Termiticides diluted with water to ensure adequate coverage in the sad. Injection of this system in the soil creates a treated area that repels or reduces the population of the termites and envelopes your house with long-term protection. This is the most commonly used system and may be used in combination with bails and/or wood treatments.

Wood treatments involve treating infested wood or potentially infested wood with liquids such as a traditional treatment or borate materials. This treatment types protects the wood from infestation and reduces or eliminates the infestation in the wood at the time of treatment.

Baits are relatively new and involve installing bait stations in the ground. Icrrnitcs then eat the bait and carry the active ingredients throughout the colony or area. This thus reducing foraging reduces the population of the colony inthe structure. Baits are very poplular since there is no interior drilling and they generally are less bother for the homeowner or building occupants.

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